Routing Management at its best

NotifyHub empowers enterprises to intelligently route transactions to multiple carriers seamlessly via a web-based platform.

NotifyHub offers a complete array of features to manage to route optimally and ensures go-live within a day.

NotifyHub is a state-of-the-art on-premise solution.

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NotifyHub at a glance

NotifyHub frees up your manual bandwidth for managing multi-carrier communication helping businesses maximize operational ROI.

User Management

Multiple users across teams? No problem! With NotifyHub, you can easily manage users and assign them rights basis needs (read/write). Rights can also be distributed along departments, source applications MIS and even carriers.



Got use-cases across marketing, IT, operations and other departments? No problem! With NotifyHub, you can manage source application users to respective departments with ease. The delivery statuses of each transaction with be updated in real-time for your ready view.


With NotifyHub, you can manage multiple carriers at the same time. To make your life even easier routing can easily be managed basis use-case (OTP, Promotional, Transaction etc.) The platform also allows you to assign routing directly to source user.


Smart Routing

With NotifyHub, businesses can automate failover, load balancing, managing routing basis real time QoS and system configuration across carriers from single platform. Automation is the only way forward.

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